Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General
  2. Service Availability
  3. Speed
  4. Unlimited Usage
  5. Quality
  6. Activation/Installation
  7. Cancel, Move & Reactivation
  8. Hardware/Add-On
  9. Security

1. General

What is DSL?
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology that transmits high-bandwidth information to homes over ordinary copper telephone lines. To use DSL, you must have a Bell telephone line.

What is DSL(Dry)?
For locations without active Bell phone lines/Bell phone numbers, a Dry Loop will be required. Dry Loops are subject to extra monthly fees per loop and a one-time activation fee.

What is DSL(FTTN)?
FTTN (Fibre to the Neighbourhood) - Fibre optic wires feed directly into a central neighbourhood connection. From there, copper wires are connected to your home.

What is Cable Internet?
The local cable service provider utilizing space on a designate television channel to perform the data transmission transmits Cable Internet. Upstream and downstream transmission allows the cable signal to reach the recipient via a cable modem.

What is the difference between Cable and DSL Internet services?
Cable service uses digital or analog signals transmitted through the same coaxial cable that typical cable television services use. DSL technology uses normal phone line technology to send digital signals to the DSL modem.
One of the major advantages of DSL over Cable Modems is that the line is not shared with the Central Office; however, the slow connections are rarely associated with this segment of your connection. Cable Modems have higher bandwidth, but the connection is shared and as a result the performance is similar to DSL. Generally, Cable Modems can achieve better throughput, which varies a lot, while DSL usually provides a more constant feed, with lower latency.

Can I transfer my current Cable Internet to World-Link Cable Internet?
Yes, simply cancel your service with your current cable provider and obtain a cancellation date (it should be at least 10 days from today), place a transfer order with World-Link, specifying activation date following the cancellation date. There will be no technician visit, simply replace your existing cable modem to World-Link cable modem on the activation day; then surf internet under World-Link network. If you have other cable services, like Cable TV or Cable home phone, new installation order is required with technician visit.

I have an alarm system in my house. Will my DSL work?
DSL / DSL(Dry) will work if you put a filter on the alarm system. Your alarm system uses your phone line in order to send signals to your alarm company. Ensure that you put a telephone line filter between your alarm system and the phone jack it is connected to. If there is no phone jack and the alarm system is permanently wired into your phone line, call your alarm company and ask them to send a technician to add a phone jack so that you may plug in your DSL filter. Note that your alarm company may charge you for the service call. DSL(FTTN) does not require to put a filter.

Can I use my modem from another location?
No, Internet Service is a line related service. It works only on a line that has been programmed correctly and to which the high-speed Internet modem is connected. The two components must be present for the service to work and therefore is not portable outside your home.

Can I protect my DSL phone line with a surge protector/UPS?
Surge protectors interfere with the DSL signal and should not be used to protect the telephone signal. This doesn't affect the protected power outlets available on the strip. You can protect the electrical component of your system, just not the telephone line.

Is my Internet connection "Always On"?
Yes, your connection is always on.

Can I still talk on the telephone / send faxes when I'm online?
Yes, DSL technology uses frequencies other than the ones required for voice communication. Both can co-exist on the same telephone line. Faxes and modems use voice frequencies and are thus unaffected by your DSL service.

Will my IP address change while I'm connected?
Service without a static IP address: Your IP address will not change unless you disconnect and reconnect the modem.
Service with a static IP address: Your IP address will not change.

2. Service Availability

How do I know if I can receive Internet service from World-Link?
You will have to check service availability and enter your phone number and/or address to verify if you can have service with us.

Some times even though your site has a Bell line or Cable service, World-Link is still unable to provide DSL / Cable internet service if the following cases occur:
  • The distance is too far from the Carrier Central Office equipment to the customer side. It is either not available or the available speed is too slow (512k). World-Link cannot install DSL service in either case.
  • No facility available in the Carrier Central Office.
  • Outside ISP’s service footprint.

3. Speed

What is the speed of the World-Link DSL High Speed Internet?
World-Link DSL can reach from 6Mbps up to 50Mbps download speed. It can support 1-3 computers with multi-applications. DSL speed performance will vary and is limited by the distance between the customer site and the Carrier Central Office equipment. World-Link cannot guarantee the maximum speed.

What is the speed of the World-Link Cable High Speed Internet?
World-Link Cable can reach from 30M up to 250M download speed. It can support multi devices with multi-applications. Cable connection is shared among your neighbourhood. If the capacity is not good enough to feed your neighbourhood, it will become congested and decreased in speed. World-Link cannot guarantee the maximum speed.

Does World-Link throttle any application?
No. World-Link does not implement any Internet Traffic Management Policy to our network.

Can World-Link guarantee the maximum speed?
No. Internet speeds may be affected by many factors which includes and not limited to distance from facility, location, time of use, numbers of devices in use, line, wiring and equipment quality, traffic, server etc. World-Link Internet Services are provided on a best efforts basis and cannot guarantee the speed of the Internet offered.

How do I choose my Internet speed?
We always recommend customers choosing the highest speed available to get the best performance. In general, you can choose based on the number of users and usage in the same household.

Speed Range Family Size Usage
1-6Mbps 1 person Light Usage – browsing web pages, email, VoIP phone of less than 100GB
7-15Mbps 1-2 persons Normal Usage – browsing web pages, email, VoIP phone of less than 150GB
15-25Mbps 1-2 persons Normal Usage – online video, gaming of less than 200GB
25-50Mbps 2-3 persons Normal Usage – online video, gaming of less than 300GB
50M + 3-4 persons Heavy Usage – online video, gaming of less than 400GB

4. Unlimited Usage

Can World-Link guarantee the unlimited download/upload usage?
World-Link High Speed Internet Service Unlimited download/upload is subject to Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) rules and government laws. If the CRTC or relevant government departments announce any effective practices or regulations which will affect our current general Terms and Agreements, World-Link will notify all existing customers 30 days in advance. World-Link Internet Service is only for residential use. If there is any abuse of the unlimited download/upload feature with the purpose of sheer business, and intended impairment of World-Link’s network is detected by World-Link, World-link has the right to suspend/deactivate the customer’s Internet service without prior notice.

5. Quality

If my current Internet has an issue, can World-Link Internet Service work?
If your current Internet has an issue, sometimes changing your service type is a good way to solve your problem, like DSL to Cable or vice versa.

6. Activation/Installation

How long does it take to activate service?
It takes a minimum of 5 days to activate service and sometimes can take as long as 15 days.

Will my current DSL Internet service be affected by switching to World-Link DSL Internet?
No. Your current DSL service will not be disrupted, but you may experience some offline time depending on when you cancel your current/old Internet service and when your World-Link DSL Internet service is implemented and your new modem arrives.

Will my current Cable Internet service be affected by switching to World-Link Cable Internet?
No. Simply cancel your Cable Service 1 day prior to the date you transfer your Cable service to World-Link, replace your existing modem with the modem provided by World-Link on the activation date, then surf the Internet as usual.

Do I need permission from my landlord for installation?
Yes, you need written permission from your landlord if the installation technician needs to drill into the house for installation.

How do I know if my DSL service is activated?
World-Link Customer service will send you activation date by email. When this date arrives and you've installed all of your hardware, you have to attempt to connect to the service to see if it works. Power on the modem and wait 30 seconds for it to start up.

Will there be a technician visit to install the Internet service?
In most of the cases, a technician visit is required to install new Internet service. You or someone over the age of 18 has to be present at your home on the scheduled installation day and time frame.

For DSL with an active Bell phone line, there will be no need for a technician visit for installation. Simply connect your hardware and attempt to login with the username and password provided.

For DSL(Dry), a Bell technician may be dispatched to install a Dry Loop to the demarcation point. You will receive an email informing you of the date of the visit if it is required. It is recommended to have someone stay at home at the time frame stated in the email. The Bell technician will be responsible for installing the Dry Loop to the demarcation point only and will not be responsible for installing your inside wiring. Should there be other installation requests like full installation, inside wiring or wall jacks, additional fees will be charged by Bell. Please refer to the additional fees listed at Billing and Account Management for full details.

For DSL(FTTN), a Bell technician will be dispatched for installation. You will receive an email informing you of the date of the visit. The Bell technician will be responsible for installing a modem jack one of the existing phone jack and connect the modem. Should there be other installation requests like inside wiring or new wall jacks, additional fees will be charged by Bell. Please refer to the additional fees listed at Billing and Account Management for full details. Full installation is mandatory and fee will be applied.

For Cable (Transfer) from current Cable service, there will be no need for a technician visit for installation. You need to disconnect current Cable service 1 day prior to the transfer date. On the Transfer date, simply connect the modem provided by World-Link.

For Cable (New Install), a Rogers’s technician will be dispatched for installation. You will receive an email informing you of the date of the visit. The Rogers technician will be responsible for installing and testing the signal. They may not connect the modem for you.

If you are living in apartment or condominium, you need to contact building management to provide Technician access to the communications / main terminal room for installation.

Diagnostic Maintenance Charge (DMC) – You are responsible for checking your modems, equipment and wiring for any defects before placing a trouble ticket with us. If a technician visit is requested, and the problem is not found or found not to be Carrier (Bell/Rogers)’s issue, a Diagnostic Maintenance Charge (DMC) will be billed to your account.

7. Cancel, Move & Reactivation

How can I cancel the Internet service/change Internet order?
Before the installation date – you can cancel (subject to order processing and shipping fees) or make changes to the service order, such as changes to installation date or service address, but you will need to give 5 business days’ notice in advance. If World-Link does not receive any notice from you or it is fewer than 5 business days from the installation date, the service will be activated normally and the non-recurring expense will not be refunded.

For newly activated customers who's Internet was installed but is not working well -- World-Link will open a trouble ticket and have the problem fixed.

For existing customers who want to cancel the service -- A Cancellation Request should be submitted with the effective date of cancellation. An Early Cancellation Fee will be applied if customers are under a contract. There will be no refund of service fees for customers under a prepayment plan. Once service is disconnected, if a customer wants to reactivate the service, the activation and installation fees will be applied again.

Purchased Modems are non-refundable and non-returnable. However, if you cancel the order prior to the delivery of the modem, a restocking fee will be charged.

Rented modems must be returned within 10 days of the deactivation date. World-Link will charge you for the cost of the un-returned modem. The return of rented modems within 3 months of the order date are subject to a restocking fee.

What should I do if I am moving to a new place?
If you are planning to move to a new place, please notify us at least 10-15 business days in advance. Moving fee applies. Should there be other installation requests like full installation, inside wiring or wall jacks, additional fees will be charged. Please refer to the additional fees listed at Billing and Account Management for full details.

Do I have to cancel the Internet service with my current provider?
Yes, you should cancel your Internet service with your current provider after activation of World-Link Internet service. For customer transfer cable service to World-Link cable service, should terminate their current cable service 1 day prior to activation date.

8. Hardware/Add-On

What kind of hardware will be provided to me by World-Link?
A modem is required for your World-Link Internet Service You can also use your own modem or buy or rent from us.

Can I use my own modem?
Yes, you can use your own modem. However, World-Link Technical Support only supports hardware from World-link .

If I order a modem, how will it be delivered?
You can pick up at World-Link’s office or we can ship the modem to you via courier at your expenses. You will be given a shipping date and a tracking number for follow-up.

Do I need to return the modem after I cancel the Internet service?
If you purchase the modem, you don’t have to return the modem.
If you rent the modem (including free rental promotion offer), you must return the modem and all parts and accessories in its original packaging within 10 days after cancellation at your own cost. If the modem is not received within 10 days after cancellation of service, the cost of the modem will be charged.

9. Security

Is my computer safe from hackers / viruses while I'm connected through Internet?
People who make the jump to broadband often leave themselves open to online prowlers, hackers and identity thieves. In the old days, a computer with weak security was vulnerable only during the short periods it was on the Net. But with "Always On" broadband service, it's like leaving a door wide open around the clock.

So how do you protect yourself?
The solution is to develop safe Net habits: Don't open attachments or click any link you aren't expecting, especially when they come from people you don't know. Use anti-virus software and install a firewall on your computer, especially if you have a broadband connection. A firewall keeps the Internet from peeking into your computer and your computer from reaching out to the Internet.


How do I get charged for the service?
Your credit card will be charged and we will send you via email notification when invoices are available at My-WLink.

When do I get charged for the service?
Depending on your subscription, you will be charged for initial payment as soon as you sign up for the service, followed by subsequent monthly payments, if any.

Are there any additional fees that may be incurred?

Processing Fee: $29.99 if applicable
DSL Dry Loop Monthly Service Fee: $10.00 - $15.00 if applicable
DSL Dry Loop Installation Fee: $40.00 if applicable
Equipment Shipping & Handling: $14.99 if applicable
Administration Fee: $20 if applicable
Change of Service: $25; installation fee may apply
Equipment Replacement Cost: up to $199.00 if applicable
Power Adapter: $40 if applicable
Reactivation Fee: $25, installation fee may apply
Move: $25, installation fee may apply
Equipment Restocking Fee: $30 if applicable
Full Installation: $100 if applicable
Other Installation
(Based on Time Spent):
$50 for 1st 30 minutes and
$25 for each increment of 15 minutes
Add / Move jack: $120 per jack
“No Access” incident: $40 if applicable
Unsuccessful Installation
due to customer's issues:
$60 if applicable
Early Termination Fee: Activation Fee: $29.99 + Admin Fee: $20 + all promotional credits (purchased modem and prepaid fees are non-refundable), if applicable
Applicable Taxes: Varies by Province

Last Update: April 1, 2019