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Local Number Portability

Keep your current phone number and transfer to World-Link

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Prepare the Following to Submit Your Porting Request
  1. A signed Letter of Authorization of Local Number Portability.   Get LOA Form (87KB)
  2. Your most recent phone bill from your current local service provider - the name(s), phone number and address must match the information that appears on the Letter of Authorization (LOA) and the subscriber information you provided to World-Link. If the address on your phone bill is a P.O. Box or not a "Service Address", please contact your current local service provider and ask for the Customer Service Record showing the "Service Address". Your number porting process may be rejected or delayed if the information you submitted is incorrect.
Please read the following Important Notices and Frequently Asked Questions before you submit your request.

Important Notices
  1. DSL or ADSL Internet users
    If you have a phone number with the local service provider providing DSL/ADSL Internet service, we recommend you heed the following advice before the porting date to avoid interruption of your DSL/ADSL Internet.

    - have your DSL or ADSL placed on a separate phone number (with the cheapest calling plan) with your current local service provider, or

    - order and install DRY DSL if your current service provider offers it, or

    - switch to Cable Internet.

  2. During the porting process, you MUST NOT cancel your phone service with your current local service provider. Doing this may cause failure in porting your number and you may lose your phone number permanently.