World-Link Digital Phone Features
  1. Free In-Network Calls
  2. Caller ID
  3. Call Waiting
  4. Voicemail
  5. Call Forwarding / Follow Me
  6. 3-Way Conference
  7. Call Hold

This feature allows unlimited time between World-Link Digital Phone subscribers. If you and your family member in another city or country are both World-Link Digital Phone subscribers, the calls between the subscribers are free.

How to call World-Link Digital Phone subscriber?
Dial the In-Network # of the other World-Link Digital Phone subscribers.

This feature allows customers to see the incoming call's phone number. To use this feature, customers' telephone set must have the caller display feature.

How to use Caller ID?
Caller ID is available to customers as an option.

This feature allows customers to receive a second call while they are already using the phone line. They can put the current call on hold and answer another incoming call. They have the option to go back to the previous call whenever they like.

How to use Call Waiting?
- Customers hear a tone indicating an incoming call is waiting.
- At this point, put the first caller on hold by pressing "Flash" and receive the incoming call.
- Then, press "Flash" to go back to the first caller.

This feature allows callers to leave messages when you are on the phone or away from home, so you will never miss a call.

How to set up and check Voice messages?
- Dial *97 and follow the voice prompts

How to check Voicemail messages from other phones?
- Dial the voicemail Access Number and follow the voice prompts
- Enter your password + #
- Follow the voice prompts to check voicemail messages

P. S. Please call Customer Care to get the Access Number in your area

This feature enables customers to have calls forwarded to another phone number. For example, if customers are expecting a call while they are out, they can forward their calls to their cell phone.

How to use Call Forwarding?

To activate Call Forward feature:
- Dial *72 and wait for the dial tone
- Enter the phone number you wish to be forwarded to.
  (Call Forwarding to a long distance telephone number, long distances charges will be incurred)
- When you hear the confirmation tone, your Call Forward feature is activated.

To deactivate Call Forward feature:
- Dial *73 and wait for the confirmation tone.

This feature allows you to extend an existing call to a third telephone, with 3 parties in conversation at the same time.

How to use 3-Way Conference?
- Connect the first call, press "Flash"
- When hear a dial tone, dial the third party's phone number.
- When the third party is connected, press "Flash" to join the first call.
- Now, 3 parties will be in conversation

This feature allows service providers to play music, advertisements, or custom messages when calls are on hold. The prompts are fully customizable so providers can also use this feature to play marketing messages and news while clients wait to be attended.