Home Phone - Digital Firewall/DMZ/Port Forward Setting

Hitron CGN3 Modem

< Method 1 >

  1. Customer can upgrade the firmware on router or modem or
  2. Customer can contact their ISP to request “Disable SIP/ALG” on their modem. After their ISP has completed to disable "SIP/ALG", customer need to unplug/replug their modem & digital phone adapter. Digital Phone will work.

  3. Other sources

< Method 2 >


  1. Start a web Browser on your computer. (eg. Google Chrome, IE, firefox)
  2. Go to Address Bar and Type IP address
  3. IP address: by default. click here
  4. Username: cusadmin, password: password (by default)

Modem Main Page

DMZ Setting Page

  1. At the Modem Main Page, Click "Basic", then "DMZ" to DMZ Setting Page.
  2. Choose "Enabled".
  3. Click connected Devices and Choose SPA112 or LinksysPAP (IP address)
    eg. or
  4. When you choose SPA112, clone the SPA112's IP to the Field automatically.
  5. If you know the SPA112's IP, you can also type the IP to DMZ Host Field manually.
  6. Click Save Changes

If you're not sure, please assume/type IP address as '' on the DMZ host

Then Click Save Changes button, Done!
(sometimes need Reboot of DP & modem for waiting for modem update)

< Method 3 >

Port Forwarding

  1. After login, at the Modem Main Page Click "Basic", then "Lan Setup" to check the IP address of SPA112.

If you're not sure, please assume IP address as ''

  1. At the Modem Main Page, Click "Basic", then "Port Forwarding" to enable Port Forwarding
  2. Click "add Rule" for adding 2 rules into Port Forwarding function
  3. SIP/UDP/5060-5061/your DPbox IP(eg. - SPA112 or LinksysPAP)
  4. RTP/UDP/10000-20000 or 16384-16482/your DPbox IP(eg. - SPA112 or LinksysPAP)

Local IP Address is your SPA112 or LinksysPAP which you copied down before.

*Remember Click Save Changes button, Completed.
(sometimes need Reboot of DP & modem)