High Speed Internet Residential Plans ( DSL / FTTN )
For Ontario     For Quebec    

*World-Link DSL High Speed Internet Service is currently only available in Ontario and Quebec, where technology is available. Please check Service Availability for your area. Orders are subject to verification of Bell Portal.

*FTTN (Fibre to the Neighbourhood) - Fibre optic wires feed directly into a central neighbourhood connection. From there, copper wires are connected to your home.

*Promotional offers apply to New Customers only. Some conditions may apply.

*FTTN Prices and promotion are available to new Fibre customers only. Customers currently using Fibre Internet will not be eligible, or may be charged for promotional credits and/or dryloop fee, if applicable.

*Internet Speed may be affected by location, time of use, line, wiring and equipment quality, computer software and applications installed, and other factors.

*Rates and promotions are subject to change without notice.

*Unlimited Usage is subject to CRTC regulations.