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Latino-Gold - Card Information

One of the best phone cards for multiple calls with fees. Administration fee and service fee may apply.
ePhoneCard Rate / min Value Minutes* Quantity  
United Kingdom
$5 CAD
(tax included)
333 min
United Kingdom
$10 CAD
(tax included)
666 min
United Kingdom
$20 CAD
(tax included)
1333 min

Dialing Instructions

  1. Dial the Local or Toll Free Access Number from the list below.
  2. Follow the voice prompt.
  3. Enter your PIN (12 Digits)
  4. Enter your destination number followed by the "#" key.
    * For Calls within Canada and U.S.A.
    1 + area code + phone number + #
    * For International Calls
    011 + country code + city/area code + phone number + #
  5. To Place another call ##

Access Numbers

LocationLocal Access Number LocationLocal Access Number
Owen Sound, ON 226-909-1160 Quebec City, QC 418-263-7671
Burlington, ON 289-288-4601 Chicoutimi, QC 418-615-3552
Newmarket, ON 289-841-7101  Joliette, QC 450-499-0169
Hespeler, ON 519-224-0721 Granby, QC  450-915-0184
London, ON 519-266-6701 St Hyacinthe, QC 450-924-0416
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON 519-279-6701 Sorel, QC 450-954-0450
Chatham, ON 519-397-0432 St Jerome, QC 450-990-0030
Sarnia, ON 519-491-0259 Montreal, QC 514-225-1401
Brantford, ON 519-805-3031 Thetford Mines, QC 581-333-0010
Windsor, ON 519-997-2601 Hull, QC 819-420-2101
Belleville, ON 613-480-6462 Sherbrooke, QC 819-780-4262
Ottawa, ON 613-656-4901 Drummondville, QC 819-803-1805
Cornwall, ON 613-703-0116 Victoriaville, QC 819-809-0166
Brockville, ON 613-704-1302 Trois-Rivieres, QC 819-840-9620
Kingston, ON 613-877-4951 Lethbridge, AB 403-388-5159
Toronto, ON 647-727-1101 Calgary, AB 403-456-0301
Peterborough, ON 705-243-5010 Medicine Hat, AB 403-488-3129
Sudbury, ON 705-805-1762 Canmore, AB 403-621-1062
Huntsville, ON  705-990-1521 Red Deer, AB 403-755-4983
North Bay, ON 705-995-1832 Edmonton, AB 780-328-3505
Parry Sound, ON 705-996-0670 Fort McMurray, AB 780-747-2090
Sault Ste Marie, ON 705-998-1732 Grand Prairie, AB 780-833-2596
Barrie, ON705-999-8409 Nanaimo, BC250-244-7388
Thunder Bay, ON807-333-0112 Prince George, BC250-277-2052
Fort Frances, ON807-788-0712 Victoria, BC250-412-3901
Oshawa, ON905-233-1591 Kamloops, BC250-434-2340
St. Catharines, ON905-346-8131 Terrace, BC250-631-4002
Hamilton, ON905-769-1401 Abbotsford, BC604-755-3454
Winnipeg, MB204-289-1901 Whistler, BC604-967-6182
Oakbank, MB204-818-0249 Kelowna, BC778-436-2650
St Johns, NL 709-757-4964 Vancouver, BC778-588-0901
Saskatoon, SK 306-500-9407 Halifax, NS 902-442-7601
Regina, SK 306-988-0142 Charlottetown, PE  902-812-0157
Moncton, NB506-800-0314
+Rest of Canada /USA1-877-821-0601 +4 cents / minute surcharge apply

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing the ePhoneCard, you accept the terms and conditions as follow:
- Rates and surcharges are subject to change without notice.
- Rates to city, land, mobile destinations, audio text and special numbers may be different.
- Rates may be varied among cards.
- *Minutes quoted are based on calling from a Local Access Number and do not include applicable taxes, charges and fees applied.
- Surcharge of 4 cents per minute apply when calling from the Toll Free Access Number.
- Surcharge may apply when calling from payphone / public phone.
- Depending on call destination, a per call service fee from 10 cents to 55 cents applies after 2nd minute of call.
- Depending on call destination, administration fee from 7 % to 15% applies to the rate after 2nd minute of call.
- ePhoneCards are sold including taxes.
- Usage based on one-minute increment and may be rounded to the next full minute.
- Not responsible for disconnections on call due to the quality of certain mobile / telephone networks.
- Card expires in 90 days from first use.
- ePhoneCard purchased is not refundable under any circumstances.
- Liabilities limited to the value of the card only.

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